How do global crises impact air traffic in the US

My Dashboard (Image by author)

My Design Decisions

Covid-19 isn’t the first crisis which shows effects for air travel. Using the data set I’m able to show how other crises had their impact.

Line chart (Image by author)
Bar Chart (Image by author)
BAN for 2020 (Image by author)


My Dashboard uses only a few colors. “Normal” years are plotted with light gray. 2001, 2008, 2009 and 2020 have highlight colors. Color palette is optimized for color-blind people.


Annotations describe when a crisis had its impact for air traffic, used in both — Line Chart and Bar Chart. I don’t use a legend, as the lines and bars are being self explaining using either labels for the lines or reasonable labeled axes.

Biases & Limitations:

A limitation of the data set is having only travel data until October 2020.

Differences to original visualization

The original visualization for the data set focused on Covid-19. My Dashboard shows, how other global crises had a major impact for US Air Traffic.



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