Tech, Data, Travel and Life. Love travelling with my camper van and writing about mentioned topics.


  • Martin Siebel

    Martin Siebel

    Now we have the salad

  • Jonathansholmes


  • Amir Souchami

    Amir Souchami

    With great passion for technology, i’m constantly learning the latest to stay sharp and create highly scalable and modular solutions that create ROI

  • Simon Bräuer

    Simon Bräuer

    Developer, Hacker, Gamer

  • Michal Gralak

    Michal Gralak

    entrepreneur, ceo @ schöngeist. always looking for contacts, inspiration and good coffee. has a dog called Schröder.

  • lemiffe


    I discuss strong (general) Artificial Intelligence

  • Markus Heiss

    Markus Heiss

    Game Developer, VR Enthusiast

  • Jan Eggers

    Jan Eggers

    Journalist. Digitaler Früheinwanderer. Teilzeitgeek. Familienvater. Multimedia und Social Media beim Hessischen Rundfunk. Hier aber für sich selbst.

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